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Diana had the privilege to discuss the Eddie and Fred book series with the Military Child Education Coalition. It encompasses Social Emotional Learning while also teaching kids how to be their own superheroes and following Eddie, a real-life role model. With over 1500 copies sold and the second book in the series coming soon! We hope you enjoy our story and live every day with Eddie in your heart.

Radio Interview with Steve Repak

Andrea Radio Interview

I’m happy to share my first radio interview with the incredible Steve Repak on his Christian finance radio show “Your money, God’s way.” Steve has an impressive resume as a Radio host, speaker, author, certified financial planner and Army veteran. While he Predominantly focuses on financial advice and guidance, his military background sparked his interest in my story. Thus, he wanted to give me the opportunity to speak about it with his audience.


This was the first interview I accepted to do after 8 years of Eddies passing. Steve instantly made me feel comfortable with his kind, caring, and beautiful persona. His desire to help others truly inspires me. I’m grateful that his interest in my story allowed me to face my fears and take a huge step forward. I have attached the link if you would like to listen to the interview.


Steve’s show airs every Tuesday at 11 am EST on the Just Jesus Radio Network. If you would like more information on Steve Repak you can find his website at

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