• Andrea Perez

Today, I will focus on the joy you brought into this world and all the lives that you touched. I always loved your energy, your silliness, your tremendous heart and the pure joy you had as you appreciated the little things.

Today I will not mourn you. I will celebrate your short but beautiful life. It’s been 11 years and you are still touching the lives of others.

I raise my glass to the man who always put others ahead of himself, who had a heart of gold and was larger than life! Cheers to you Eddie…Slainte

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  • Andrea Perez

Thank you Miss Danni from One goat Story Time for your beautiful reading of our story Eddie and Fred: We're All Heroes. Click on the link below to enjoy the story!

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  • Andrea Perez

We loved seeing the development of our characters and how they came alive. My artistic ability consists of sloppy stick figures and generic smiley faces. Thank goodness for our incredibly talented illustrator Caner Soylu from Bear With Us Productions. He was able to capture Eddie’s signature smile and Fred’s lovable features. He was also spot on when creating our daughters!

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