Coming soon...April 2021!

When I was a little girl I loved reading and writing stories. As I got older, that love faded and my dream of becoming an author was no longer something I saw in my future. I am happy to say after many years my passion for writing has returned and I have had a blast writing this story with my sister Diana. The characters are extremely personal and I love that they are the face of our book. Eddie is a real American hero, whom we all miss deeply. Fred is my personal hero for becoming my companion when I needed him the most. Eddie and Fred will teach children that friendship, kindness and courage is what being a true hero is all about. My 8 year old self is jumping for joy as I announce that our book, Eddie and Fred: We’re All Heroes will be published and ready to order on Amazon in April 2021. We hope you enjoy our story and treasure our characters as much as we do.

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